How can I improve my 3D text?

(I’m new to blender)
All I know is how to create a 3D text and add color to it, that’s it.

But my question is, does anyone know any tutorials that focuses specifically
on polishing objects in terms of colors and looks?

My text looks fine, but perhaps I wanna add some glow to it… and so on.

Does anyone know what tutorials I should be looking at? Thanks has a number of tutorials dealing with typography

Also the Tutorials forum is for completed tutorials only, not tutorial requests which should be posted in the respective support forum.

Most 3D apps are pretty crappy when it comes to text, 3DS Max is among the better (I think, I don’t use it), but it usually has to do with the type being pretty crappy in regard to it’s curves - during the years, I dunno how many textobjects and/or logos I’ve had to redraw in Freehand/Illustrator/Maya just to clean up text/logos, just to be able to cleanly extrude them, bevel them a.s.o… :stuck_out_tongue:

RE:Phrase adds more features to the standard font object. Such as capped text and more.

Best thing is capped text as Atom suggests. Then the extruded text behind the face acts like a drop shadow. Makes it heaps more ledgible. Also bevel to catch light on the edges is good.

well I tried to make a tutorial about falling texts caused by gravity check it out

Where is the add-on? I can’t find it.

This is the only file that I can find.

					  						  						  						 							 								![]( Attached Files 								

And it does not work. :frowning:

Can you explain what part does not work?
What version of Blender are you running?

Blender 2.62

In your tutorial you tell me that I have to install the add-on.
When I go to my preferences, and I search for that add-on,
I can’t find it. So I believe I have to download the add-on file,
from (somewhere), and after I install the add-on,
I have to move it to my Blender- add on folder but the problem is
… that I can’t find where to download the add-on!

All AddOns are python text files or compiled python files. I provide the source to everything. So my AddOn is a simple text file. You may not be aware of this but Blender has a text editor built right in. It is one of the window types. When you downloaded the BLEND file from the RE:Phrase thread the source code for the AddOn was included in one of the text windows of that BLEND file.

So open that BLEND file in 2.6.2 or greater.
Then switch to a text editing window.
Select the text file in the text window to make it appear on your screen.
Save that text to your AddOn folder (this folder is different for each OS so make the right choice here).
Then Close and open Blender and bring up your User Preferences.
Activate the RE:Phrase AddOn then close the User Preferences.

If you can make it though all that then RE:Phrase will be part of your system (and only that build).


Just open the downloaded BLEND file and begin using RE:Phrase immediately without any fuss or confusion.

It sounds to me that you don’t understand how to install Addons and activate them after they are installed. That is the exact reason why I made the example BLEND file. To avoid such confusion.

bangs his head on the table bangs his head on the table.

Okay learning how to use Blender is becoming so difficult now.
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Thanks Atom.