how can i improve my material

attached are some images of a sci fi craft i have modelled, but the metal hull texture just doesn’t look right. what can i do to get a good “dirty and somewhat burnt” metal texture for it. i have a base clean metal image texture with layers above it to form the dirt but they don’t really look right. there are three different textures in the dirt which combine to give the effect seen. i am working with blenders internal renderer and using the textures tab in the “properties” panel to add the textures. can someone give me some settings for a few layers of procedurals ontop of a base texture to produce a good grunge effect, the sort of dirt on the ship would be dark streaks and probably some subtly brown patches. the sort of thing you would get from re-entry and flying through a few alien atmospheres. also i have another issue, i have different materials for the darker panel lines you can see and want these to be a lot less on the “specular” setting so they don’t reflect as much light but can’t get an effect which works, problem is if i make the specular too high on the main hull material then it ends up showing off some points very brightly lit which should not be(messy geometry). i wanted to get his sort of effect with the specular values. the video linked too shows the sort of way i want the light to “play across the panel lines”. please help on these issues.

the images show my model lit by a dim light directly above and a dim light directly below with a pair of brighter lights at an angle.

video shows the sort of effect i want to achieve with my specular values of the panel lines and main metal

You need to work on the lighting first. Give the world a texture so the surface has something to reflect instead of a gray background…

sorry, to clarify i mean reflection as in just light, not a true reflected image. using the specular value not the “mirror” tab.
any thoughts on the actual textures?

I’m not a pro with materials in BI, so I can’t really help you out here, but maybe some more people will take the time to read your post if you formatted it a bit. To put it bluntly, it was a pain to read ^^

What I can say though is, that it’s not only the material that defines the look, but also the lighting. I don’t know how exactly you set up your light sources and what type of lights you’re using, but I would play around a bit to try achieve different results. The specularity in the video you linked probably was a point light which he moved very close to the ship.

Also, the Blender Internal material system is very limited in my opinion, not sure what else you could do besides changing the spec value, maybe I would consider changing to Cycles. But then again, I don’t know much about BI :slight_smile: