How can I improve my work

Can anybody give me some tips how I can improve my work. What should I do better and how can I improve this? Wich lighting and render settings should I use? Btw…its part of a roman village with some civilians and a pottery oven.

hi Prospekteur,
it depends on what do you like to have in the end.
here are my major improvements… i would do…
the grass, this looks outside the front building same as inside… and usually in real life, should this a bit different.
The Houses are to simular… looks like copy a simple and paste. The houses should be different. different roofs, length and so on. also i would place some chimney on them… some with smoke, some not.

the color set… it’s hatd for me to explain, but i think, that the green from tree and eve are to green… and doesn’t match with the other colors. Looks to much plastic.

accessories I would also put some medieval junk into the scene, like a wooden weel from a horse buggy, or some old forks and some old buckets or wood boxes … also outside of the house area.

is the background and HDRi image? or do you use sun lightning? i would try… and if your resources allow it, to test an HDRi background for lightning.

hope i could help a bit

Thank you very much…that are good tips with that i will work further on. The size of the houses are nearly standardized so i will only change the look of them…as you said the roof, bars and do some dirt here and there. This roman houses have no chimney on the roofes;-). But i use your other advices and will work further on with that. Thanks a lot;-) Its always good to hear some other people, if I watch hours on the same work…i, loosing a bit to see things clear as they should look like.

you’re welcome… i know what you mean, i’m on a space adventure film project … and it takes a lot of time. i did every model on my own… it’s different to do a animation instead of a single image, because in an animation, u can vary with the quality of objects… but on a picture, everything has to be matched.
And… the most important thing i’ve learned till i’ve started with blender… there is always someone who is better then you… that’s why big companys has a “loooot” of people who do this work!

so… keep up your creativity.

…im working further on…i have changed the roofes and houses a little bit and working on the gras in the inside garden…you have motivated me to improve everything a bit;-)

motivation is everything!

i do it on my own… and with my own capital.
i’m a adventure novel writer, but i’ve started to write some screenplays too.
it’s hard to understand how a producer or a prod. comp. work, think and handle something… so in my turn of study “how does it feels to be inside of the film industry” i’ve decided to start my own film project with one of my first screenplays i’ve written years ago.
if you think, there is A main problem … then you’re going wrong. there are a lot of main problems to produce a movie. So i’ve decided to use blender for this…

my first “previous” render images can be found here too
ba. Link

and for your youtube movie… let me say so … nothing is perfect… there will be always something you could do now… but like in film business… released means release… so it’s done… or you have to work on a “directors cut” years ago. as i said before, there is always someone, who will do things better.
look… you can do a ultra realistic full 4k animated “who is dreamwork?” animation … but in the end you don’t need it for your story… but waste a lot of resource and "render"time. But you can also tell your story, with a less of it… and there will be enough people, who’ll say “damn good work”

btw… keep in mind, what’s good today isn’t good enough for tomorrow… best example are millenium movies (means beginning of 2000)… the 3D animations they’ve used in movies (toystory, Ants) were awesome … in 2000… but today u can use blender and your workstation to do same and or better

uw… that was a lot…
kind regards
Egan T Guenthers

Thats what i like on blender users so much. The most users do it for fun and storytelling. I come to blender because im a bad handpainter, and so a friend of mine said: " Benny youre a bad handpainter…but thats no problem…if youre a bad handpainter you have to use blender" ;-). And today i love blender so much!