How can I improve the topology of my Violin?

I have modeled this violin and would like to know if this topology is good (especially around that curly hole at side) and is any way I can improve the topology.
Thank you.

It is good but lacks proper control edges for sud d.

To the right of the upper slot there are a few 4-polys that you might wish to divide along the horizontal axis. Possibly also the faces immediately to the right of that “S,” But these are quibbles. How does it look when you put a wood material on it and actually render it?

Thanks! What is the main difference between bevel modifier with custom weights (which I’m using) and the control edges? Do they both work the same?

Thank you for this!
I still have to texture it but for now I just slapped a basic image and couldn’t see any major shading issues.

The F holes could be doing with a faceloop running around them and one set of the kinda corners looks like it needs more work - the corners at the edges of the side cutouts. You might also need to even up the size and distribution of faces across the whole top of the violin as well - it will help it deform better when you make the top non-flat.

In that case there should be no difference. It didnt show in edit mode so i thought there were no control loops. If it shades okay and the texture doesnt stretch it is more than okay imho.

Thank you very much! Here’s what I came up with -

Would love to know your thoughts on this.

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Thanks for the pointers. Here’s what I came up with -

Would love to know your thoughts on this.