How can I improve this model ?

Hello, I created a basic mesh, but I need to add the details now, which I dont really know how to. Idk if I should sculpt or not. I would love to add more boxes to the face, and make eyes etc. But the problem is idk how to…If I do ctrl+r then it add it to the whole mesh and screws averything up, please help me :))


you mean when you loop cut it makes it more boxy?

You have to zoom in and hover your mouse over the area you want to add the ‘boxes’ (call them ‘quads’ because everyone else does!) to, the colored line will tell you where the cut is going, and it will go all the way around. Increae the number of cuts by rolling mouse wheel.

If you want quads to only one face, select it (change mode to face select, or slect all the parts of it in whatever mode you are) and press I to create ‘quads’ or faces inside the selected one.

keep in mind that when making loop cuts you can adjust the smoothing factor in the tool shelf on the left.