How can I improve this model?

Here is the bike engine and I am stuck here. Check the reference image, there is big gap between the support of that piston like thing. The base? In my model, there is no gap. I have placed the cylinders according to the reference, so If I move them far, they look odd.

How should I tackle this problem? Or this looks fine?

still missing the bolts near bottom of rods
but beginning to look good

hope you got more reference pict to get a more precise model

keep up the good work

can you show more pics at different view

may be move it to WIP section to continue improving this model!

happy bl

Thanks @RickyBlender! I have many reference pics. But the scaling is the issue. Here are some views:

Yeah, this should be moved to WIP.

It would be easier to see what’s wrong if you use the same angle as the reference image. Your cylinders to the right are too far to the left, they should be way more to the right where the “bump” is, you can also compare it to the things behind (should be more symmetrically placed).