How can i improve this?

My idea was to copy this scene(below). But i can’t get it to look professional. I know that my lighting should not allow the objects to blend into the background so much, but ive tried lots of lighting setups and HDRI, i think its something fundamentally about the render or cycles. I tweaked the image a bit in photoshop gave it a bit more clarity and contrast and sharpness but it did not give the desired look.

perfume.blend (4.7 MB)

Please feel free to help by changing the material or render settings of the file and uploading… no need to use an HDRI it will make it too large. Any suggestions on how i could make it look better are welcome. The camera settings are fstop 8.0 - 130mm. Render is on full blast 64 bounces of everything.


Think ive improved it a bit.

Changed the composition a bit, played around with the materials, moved the lighting around, did a bit more post fx. Oh but the conversion to JPEG has messed with the colors… :frowning_face: Typical. im going to see if i can fit a PNG here.

nope even PNG wont keep the colors if you edit your renders in raw. had to re color grade it after conversion to PNG.

latest file
perfume.blend (4.7 MB)


second image in first post !
is it what your looking for ?

not certain about camera at 10 Deg
that is very small

did you try to bring it closer with wider angle ?
might work better !

i guess here that the color is made by the world light!

happy cl

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world doe snot have any blue light
so must be coming from compositor may be !

you have indirect clamp at 15
that might create some undesirable changes in render

also using volume on liquid and glass
this might require much more testing

be back when i find something else

happy bl

Yep the liquid is very experimental , but im just tweaking it bit by bit based on its look, not on PBR. Another render is on its way. Ive changed the world lighting so it does not require so much color change in post.

i would suggest if possible start simple
and remove the compositor effects

and get what should it look like first then after a good looking render
start adding FX

other wise there are too many parameters that could change the render and effects at play

happy cl

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i did some basic changes to remove all colors

and did a simple render for the glass and liquid

how do you find your glass and liquid
is it good or rotten ?

sorry low sample = 100
i don’t have a big machine !

happy bl

Heres another render. And the file.perfume.blend (3.3 MB)
crystal bottle thing3AI5.4.3.tiff (4.3 MB)
Doh… its done that color shift thing again. looked ok in photoshop, but now here its gone bad.

I wasnt that happy with my glass, i tried the gass bsdf beckman, sharp etc still did not look very hard or real… might have to try to switch to something like luxrender. I shall look at your file.

i did add a studio 23 HDRI

i change the sphere to a more simpler glass set up

file is too big for thread here

try it and let me know what you think

just trying to get glass to looks ok in render
then after you can start plying with other things

happy bl

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I think the scene i was trying to copy had thicker glass, and then they turned up the clarity and contrast in post to get that contrast between dark and transparent on the glass. Either that or they were using a better render engine like Vray or octane or something.

it is possible to do some good glass in cycles but not easy

depends on nodes set up for glass

see my file and looks at the sphere glass that i change

and render it at high res
should look a lot better

not certain but you did use a lot of subdivi on sphere
don’t think you need that much
but depends if you have a big machine not important i guess

happy bl

i dint check it, i used a quad sphere and upped the subdivisions it prob went too high.
Im looking into your file now yea theres a lot of possibilities with glass node setup.

also for liquid inside there is a good tut on how to set it up
have to find it

some normals need to be inverted !

happy bl

I’ve got an idea… You know the addon blendkit… i shall try one of the super advanced glass materials from that. As for the liquid, yea theres a bunch of stuff i cant recall how to do… on is to have the liquid so that it is inside the thickness of the glass, and the other is to do with IORs and normals and such…

just a note if you need a lot of refraction and caustic color effect
better go with Lux or Yafaray

for simple glass cycles can do it

here are some tut

glass liquid

i will try to see if i can find that file with glass and liquid

happy cl

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here is a nice model with wine glass and liquid inside
this renders well
try it

Wine_Glass.blend (3.5 MB)

happy bl

i check your file again
and i can see some trees reflected on glass
any idea where this is coming from ?

i found the tut for glass and liquid

i cannot get the file
if you can get it would be nice to upload it here

happy bl

wow no idea where the trees came from… i followed that tutorial with the wine, i added the layer weight facing to the liquid, and i changed the IORs so they were corrected. I also re-made the decanter, and made the glass thicker. its looking really good now i went to town on the post processing.
I shall check out the new tutorial it looks good. And thanks for your input and help.

Anyway heres my latest render.


the glass on the left
how the glass are added on the outside of the bottle ?

happy bl