How can I improve this.


So in the following video I first show just a couple high quality work by others, then, when you see the “castle play pen” with the baby, I need help making it look as good as possible!

After that, I show pictures of the baby that are realistic looking (dim reddish), but then I show the baby again in the castle pen pics and it is blue and dull! I mean it ALL looks good so far, but the baby definitely isn’t as good/real looking as the dim red baby pictures. And if I use that dim red setup, no more bright cloudy bluish castle! Which way to go! Is there a combining of some sort I can do?

Pause if need be.

First of all, why are you comparing falling balls on a coat of mail and babies in a castle ?
Skin is a very different kind of material than metal.
Anyways, first thing you need is a more contrasted lighting. Your environment light is very bright everywhere so that’s why it looks dull.
Then the material of the skin is not realistic at all. There’s no texture, only a single diffuse color and no SSS.
Also… that’s creepy but I don’t know what you’re planning to do.