How can I inport an object from one blender file into a new


can anybody tell me how I can import an object from one blender file into another file. Lets say I have modelled a car on a street. In another blender file I have got a house. Now I want to copy the car object from the first blender file into the second one with the house.

How can I do that?


Try using append from the files menu…this will give you a list of thigns wich you can import… then import the MESH you want to import…not the OBJECT…

Umm, other way around, import the Object, not the Mesh - it’s easier that way.
If you import the Object it will be placed in the same position, and on the same layer as the origional.
If you import the Mesh, it won’t be placed in the scene at all, you’ll have to add a new mesh object, and link it to the mesh you imported via the F9 buttons

Haha… thnx for the correction phlip… :wink:

Hi there,

is it possible to merge scenes? I’m not sure if I understood the concept of scenes.
My example:
I modelled three characters in different blend files. Now I want them in one blend file all together so they can chat. How can I do that?

Thanx a lot in advance.

All the best, FRitz