How can I install python?

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How do you do?

I want to import some collada file format models into Blender.

Blender says that I need to install Python.

So, I visited

I obtained python-2.7.msi file because my computer is Window vista computer.

My question is:

  1. is this right file that I need?

  2. its extension is msi format. How can I install this file?

  3. where should I install this file?

I hope that your comments are step by step explanation because I do not know much about it.

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From akd23x

Run the .msi and it will install itself.

I have windows vista as well. The only way I could get python to work with Blender was to use the 2.6 version.

when you start up blender it will say “compiled with pythonX.X” (x.x = numbers) thats the version you will need for blender 2.49 and older. 2.5 already includes python with blender. msi = microsoft installer. it slould install its self to c:pythonXX . to use the msi file you should just have to double click on it. what version of blender are you useing? if you are useing blender 2.49 official build (the one you get from you will need python 2.6 for windows.

To rvngizswt, Zachery108, and rdo3

Thank you for your replies.
I will download Python 2.65 and install it.

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From akd23x