How can I invoke the Databrowse window from python script?

I want to imitate a user action on the keyboard but using python, for example, when the user press SHIFT+F1.

I know that I need to add these events to the spacehandler queue and then call the handle method as below:


I am struggling with how to combine two keys together and pass them as one argument to Window.QAdd(v_id,evt,val), since ‘evt’ is one argument how can I pass the SHIFT+F1 as a combination.

or is there a command that invoke the Databrowse directly, as there is one for the file selector i.e. Window.Draw.FileSelector()…


Here is how I do it in 2.49.

Intercept the event and activate the window:

    elif evt == DO_BROWSE:
        Blender.Window.FileSelector(process_browse, 'Select a FONT file')
        # NOTE: Just because we called the file selector does not mean the code flow has stopped.
        # Nothing else can be done after the call to the FileSelector.

Then in a function up above the event processor…

def process_browse(passedFileName):

Place your processing code in the process_browse function.

Thanks Atom for the reply, I think I phrased my question wrong.
What I wanted to do is basically press SHIFT+F4 without using the keyboard keys i.e. using python script instead.