How can i join mesh for sculpting

I have 2 mesh. I have Boolean operation with union.

The below mesh disappear.

Then i tried with Difference

After joining both the mesh i want to sculpt it so that i dont get a edge line between both the mesh where its join. Any suggestion how it works. Thanks
join mesh.blend (2.4 MB)

First in Boolean modifier try decreasing Ovelap threshold to a very small amount.
When that wont help try enabling 3DPrint addon (comes natively with Blender) - it has some tools for mesh analysis, so you can find the problems like non-manifold geometry that might creating your problem.
In edit mode this addon lets you highlight the parts of the mesh with particular topology errors.

You can try increasing the extrusion where the two meshes overlap each other. I have had this problem before I needed to increase the overlapped areas. Any *air in it could mess up the boolean operation.

i tried it but the edge of both mesh when sculpt are seen

You might do an inspection of your models and see if you have duplicates. And also something else that can happen, is your normals.

i have seen only the below mesh normal facing inside. But that really not work.

The effect you have after it’s because you probably have non-manifold geometry inside your mesh. That is a byproduct of applying boolean modifier to a mesh with bad topology or bad normals as @humanartist said. Try analyzing the mesh first.

You might also be able to find stray vertices inside one of the two models.

Thanks for the suggestion. For me awesome J mesh addon worked. Thanks to the author of the Addon.

Thanks for the suggestion… For me awesome J mesh addon worked. Thanks to the author of the Addon.

Simple solution:

  1. Join
  2. Remesh
    (You can increase the resolution if you want.)
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Thanks it solved without addon.

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