How can I keep the background images from disappearing after quitting and restarting?

I’ve noticed that all the background images and their settings get erased every time I close a Blender session and open it up again the next day. How can I prevent that from happening? It gets real annoying to set up the whole thing from scratch…

Hey! When you’re in blender and you click File>open make sure that the load UI is checked at the bottom left. Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

You could try setting up the background images and then saving the file as a startup file (below the save file option).

Thanks Blender_Mania! It was actually that simple, I wonder why I couldn’t figure it out. Oh well. Problem solved :slight_smile:

there was a change done to latest Bl build about pack images
so check it out !

happy bl

go to file and for external data use pack files when you save so the images and textures are saved


DOMO79 I know it shouldn’t but can packing all the files by any chance slow the renders down?