How can I light this more realistic....all input aprecciated

How are you lighting it currently? It looks like maybe you have a big area lamp or emission plane? If you want it to be more realistic relative to the scene, then the lights on the ceiling should be your main light sources.

Yes you are correct. I also have point lights set in each modeled light because I cant seem to get
enough emission using the modeled lights. any ideas? srry dont mean to bug ya and I really
appreciate your response :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe it would be more correct to say that the ceiling lights (and other so-called “practical lights”) should appear to be where the light is coming from. Or, at least, where accent light is coming from. And, those lights should be of a different color-temperature – not just “pure white.”

The “practical lights” – that is to say, "the things in the frame which in the real world are ‘sources of light’ – do not have to be, and usually are not, where the light is actually coming from. For instance, when an actor in a stage play “turns on a bedside lamp,” the crew member in the lighting booth advances to the next cue and the actual lights in the loft change slightly.

While you do of course need good, even, overall lighting of what is “an industrial corridor,” there’s also room for drama here. For example, if the good guys are about to run through this corridor and to encounter bad guys on the other side of that hatch, or vice-versa, you can use lighting to subliminally suggest it.

Cycles or eevee?

Since you said all input; you might consider reducing the number of colors in the scene.

To get better feedback you should post a couple screenshots of how you scene is setup.

Yes I sure do like all input…opinions are part of how we make decisions about our art.
This was done in cycles and I actually did have a lot less colors and just didnt do it for me,
Since been working on the right degree of emission and getting close to the desired results
I was trying to achieve. Thanks for all the advice…very helpful

What you’ve definitely got right now is good, even, overall lighting that looks and feels realistic for a spaceship corridor. Maybe a little bit “hot” around the back hatch. The overall scene design is believable and interesting. The rendering is solid.

Thanks…taken in

The lighting seems too uniform to me. Would like more shadows. You can try with just the point lights first and slowly buildup the ambient light.
Just saw your other renders like the fishing cabin, stables. Really liked the lighting in those. That interplay of shadow and light is what I meant like in those renders.

Thank You !