How can i line up Flairs ?

Hi evryone
I’d like to know,How can i rotate a flair ? I want the line straighten along the X acsis but i cant find a way.
I rotated the camera and also played with the seed settings but no luck.
Any help will be appreciated.

Thanx in advance…


I don’t know if you can rotate a flair

I don’t know if it’s exactly what you want, but here is one way I found to create a single line horizontal lens flare:

Create a one-vertex object. Add to it a Halo material. Activate only HaloTex, but don’t turn on any of the flare/line buttons. Set Add to 1, hardness to a high value.

Add a Blend texture to the first texture slot. Make it linear, and turn on FlipXY. Activate Colorband for this texture. Add one more colorband cursor. Place one in the dead center of the band and shade it white with alpha of 1. Move the other two cursors very close to this one, and set both to black with alpha 0.

Back in the materials context, set Map To for Multiply. Otherwise the default mappings are fine. Render, and use HaloSize to adjust length of the line.

This kind of flare will remain aligned to your window’s horizontal axis, no matter how you turn the camera.

Thanx CD38
I tryed your method but i cant seem to get the hang of it.If posible,can you give me a blend file? that way i can see what i’m doing wrong.
but thank you for the input,i’l keep working on you method…


Here is a simple .blend file showing this effect:

It contains one vertex with the linear “flare” material assigned (vertex is parented to an empty for convenience, the empty is not essential to the effect). Examine please the settings for Material (F5) and Texture (F6). It’s important to get the colorband settings right.

Aw man!Thank you CD38 :smiley:

This is perfect.just what i was trying to accomplish,Now i understand.

Thanx again.