How can I make 2 joined meshes use 1 material?

Hi, does anybody know, when I join two meshes, each with a different Material, what do I have to do so that the joined meshes use one Material and not two.
At the moment I have like two cubes I joined, then I merged the edges. One cube was red, the other blue. When I join them they keep their different colours.But I want them to have the same texture or colour. Adding new Materials to the “two cube object” doesn´t work.
So what can I do?
Please help me!
I´m sitting here allready for over an hour and can´t solve my problem.:no:

Editing (F9) -> Link and Materials. There’s probably a thingy saying 2 Mat 1. Click on Delete and it’ll say 1 Mat 1, which means it now only has one material.

Creating vertex groups for various parts of your model and assigning materials to those vertex groups (F9>links and materials) gives you complete control of what material is assigned to what part of the mesh. Just remember to hit the assign button both for the vertex group and the material.

Thanks so much. It worked, finally!:slight_smile: