How can I make a character customization?

I’m trying to make an MMO, so obviously it will have a personalization of characters.
But there are two problems:

  1. Materials (bad to customize some things, like clothes and accessories)
  2. Shape Keys (I can’t use Shape Keys in individual animations using only Logic Bricks)

I’m in UPBGE 0.2.4.

use replaceMesh() brick or python your choice


why not? the animation brick can be run trough a property thus setting that property to the right frame will work

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Can you send a .blend file?

replaceMesh() with bricks:
replacemesh.blend (513.8 KB)

thanks, but i wanted to use Shape Keys so that players rarely have an equal avatar.
is there anything that helps to use two Shape Keys with individual animations?

shapekeys play through action actuator like you would any other animation.
you can easily drive them with a property.

Yes, right, but what if, for each key, you have a property and an animation?
For example: 3 keys, 3 animations and 3 properties.

put each key on separate layers.

how do I do that?

key one on layer one. key two on layer two. and so on.



Thank you very much