how can I make a column made of mist?

Lets say I wanted to make a column made of mist… With no discernable edges how would I go about doing this?
This should be easy, right?
rtfm, i know but I am lazy.

3 options:
1.Make a Lamp with Halo spot on (but may be to tapered at the lamp end)
2.Make a tube mesh with a cloud texture mapped around it and with Nor used as alpha around the edges.
3.Use the new physicsim Version of Blender that uses volumetric rendering for effects just like this.

  1. Create a cylinder
  2. Set its material as halo
  3. Spin it using ipos (u can subdivide it several times,select the circle loops except the ones those on the bottom and the top and raise just one side of it so that if u spin they may look like rising)


  1. Create a plane
    2.Assign smoke texture with transparent background (.png) to it
    3.Make it alpha
    4.Turn the plane into a cylinder with no caps using Shift+W
    4.Add action to the texture using ipos

Thanks guys! and sorry for my late response, I got distracted by other projects. I will try those techniques as soon as I get around to it.