How can I make a dented object

Sorry for all the nice brother and sister,
I have a litter experience of creating 3D-model in other software, but I am a beginner of Blender.
So that, I have an easy problem for using of Blender,
And I really hope all of you could help me to tackle it.

first, I have created a cylinder in the above pic.

Then, I want to move point A,B,C to point D,E,F, and require to delete Face G in the above pic.

Then, I change to face mode and use “E” to move it. However, it would make a overlapped face in the above pic where I have used red circle to point out.

And I tried to delete the selected edges in the above pic. And In theory, It is possible to make a dented object.
But I think that is quite wasting time if I am modeling other very complex object.

So, I want to ask, is there any easy methods could do that, please?
Thank you very much!

…just as it is supposed to do. “E” is not for moving faces, but for extruding them and part of the extrusion is the creation of those lateral polygons.

If you just want to move the points A, B and C in - why don’t you do so? Select all 6(!) vertices on both ends of the cylinder and move inwards with “G”.

Thank you for nice bro, IkariShinji.

Let me add two more points into the pic I have shown before, and the new pic is :

I want that edges of AH, and CI could remain unchanged.
But when I am using your idea, It is different what I want to do. Just is like the below pic :

Anyway, I really thank for your help!

Could nice bro have other suggestions, please?

Something like this?


Haha…Bwhahahaha…BWHAHAHAHAH!!!.blend (472 KB)

yes! But is there any easy steps I need to do?

It’s plenty easy already,you could just pull the verts inwards to create the"dent".

Modeling is all about patience…well sometimes.