How can i make a door and roof?

How can i make a Door and a roof for this building? Me and a friend is just for fun trying to make a game and ofc and I am in charge of 3d modeling but I am not very experienced and have got to a problem the door has to be able to get moved in unity so i can´t just make a cube.

And if we come to the roof i am completely lost in what to do i dont want a flat one and to be honest not sure if i could do that without overlapping.

Your answers are very appreciated :slight_smile:

For the door you can select the entrance edges

SHIFT+D to duplicate, then press P -> Selection to make that duplicate into a different object, then go to Object Mode, select that duplicate and go to edit mode and simply make your door from it

Now where to exactly place that door will be up to you

For the roof, without knowing how exactly you want the roof to look like, no idea what to suggest, can be very simple
or something more complex
that you can model as a separate object if you have difficulty to make it as a single mesh