How can i make a face rigg like the Jelly Jamm series??

Hi!, does anyones has an idea of how to achieve something like flat vector faces over a smooth surface:

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance (:

i was thinking, in perhaps, draw a faces image bank, and then see how can i rigg those drawings from the texture panel into bones (to store armature poses with the face included), but i´m not sure how to rigg the textures to the armatures, could that work??

or there is a way of drawing vertex lines over a flat surface within blender??


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One way i can think to make something like that would be to have all the different shapes for a part (mouth, eye etc) as frames on an image sequence (or video) with transparent background; and put it on one (or more) planes with the Shrinkwrap modifier keeping it following the surface. Then to animate it you animate the frame number to get the “pose” you want, and possibly also use an armature and/or lattice to deform the images beyond what is already available. Though with this you need to be careful to avoid the polygons crossing each other.

It would be nice if UV mapping could be rigged to armatures; i don’t think it can though (i could be wrong).


You can attach a texture to an object. So the head mesh - it has all the different eyes and mouths on different textures of the same material. The position and size of each eye and mouth is controlled by an empty, and can be scaled to 0 if it’s not being used. Be sure to set image mapping to “clip” in image mapping in texture settings for each image. This way you can move the mouths and eyes around as well as cutting between them. A lot of this is uesd in the cartoon you showed.

Thank you all!! on the end of the linked thread ther is even a tutorial thank you!!

Greeetings from Chile!!