How can I make a fine grain metal surface?

O.K, I haven’t tried everything yet, but I’m not getting any closer to getting the results I want for a fine grain metal surface. Does anyone have any suggestions?

If your talking about brushed metal, thats not an easy effect to produce well without anisotropic shaders. However, you can fake it.

I believe there are some in the DarkTree shaders (search here to find out about a way to use those).

Internal to blender, you can stretch a cloud texture and get it to a certain point. However, in the CVS/New Release there is supposed to be a something that is decent, though not the best for producing the results on a flat surface. It was recently posted here. Or you can look at

If you meant something else please post again!

Thanks forte, I’ll take a look. The radial thing looks nice, but not quite what I was trying to do. I’m not sure if I mean brushed metal. The only way I can think to describe it is that it would look like thousands of extremely fine filings that sorta sparkle just a tad as you turn the object in front of a light source, but mostly looks a little dull. :slight_smile: If that makes any sense…

Sandblasted! Use a Stucci texture with very little Noise and Turb as a bump map and instead of Lambert diffuse shader use Oren-Nayer with the Rough turned up.


Stainless Steel Tutorial…
I used the exact settings to get this…

Make sure you convert the JPG to a TGA file (if needed)

the BLEND file is pre-packed with the image. It is setup for YafRay.

I hope this helps some.

theres a gimp tutorial on making brushed metal;i think its at gug …

type gug in the google search area

i think gug is gimps user group

do the gimp tutorial then use that as your textured material

I’ve tried messing with this every now and again. These techniques aren’t giving me the results I want. It looks like noise mixed with lines. I need more of an iron filings layered look.

This might not be a real-world technique, but another way I’m thinking to describe what I’m looking for - different colored and different sizes of slivers of metal sprayed on a surface. How can I get that look?