How can I make a good procedural rock texture?

I’ve got a few rocks and surfaces in a scene I’m doing to texture and I’m wondering how I can create a good procedural rock texture like this?

Thanks for any help.

add some mesh with some shapes and subdivide a lot
then you could add 2 clouds texture and then for each add a displacement modfiier

or try with different texture and see how it looks

that should give you nice rocks

[ATTACH=CONFIG]135562[/ATTACH] has a great tutorial for making a meteor texture.
Good luck.

Oh I’ve already got the displacements in place, it’s literally just the diffuse texture. Thanks for those tips, I forgot about that meteor tutorial, I’ll checkout how it works out

I can’t seem to get the results I want tiling textures :confused:

even tiling textures will not help!

here is one example screenshot for Blender-2.5x

the picture uses 3 materials from the blender-material-swap,
like the curbstone:

and one, the darker stone made by myself like shown in the screenshot. It uses
different procedural-textures, but the idea is the same.

!!and like i said, a good material will not help alone. You have to look closer to the wireframe of the stones.
Those are made from some subdivided cube-thing and sculpted to a spiky thing, then smoothed - they end up with “only” 140 vertices (no high-level-sculp - one could do the same with proportional editing turned on).

I would suggest you to use some of the materials from the “blender-materials” to start with, then go for a good looking stone-mesh and change/add some of the textures and the settings (more nor, different colour, different procedural-texture with different noise or contrast … and so on).


Hey thanks for the tips. I’m gonna browse the library now

EDIT: Great, got my best results yet by combining 2 of the procedurals I downloaded. Although when I try to bake the texture out blender only bakes out one of the procedurals instead of the two which have been combined. I want to put a grassy texture on top of the rock plateaus in GIMP