how can i make a person walk in a game?

well the title pretty much says it all. i dont really want a point and click way. but like a first person shooter way i guess u can say it. would i half to make a python script for this? if so can i get some links were i can get one or can some one post one? thanks.

You dont need a python script for the walking part, but you will need a python scrip for the FPS Look (Meaning able to move the camera with the mouse)

k, well how do i make the script part in blender for the walking? and what about the python script where can i get this at?

All you need for walking is an walking action assigned to the characters armature and activate it using the Action actuator. Apply a motion actuator as well for movement. You can search for the fps file by z3r0 d, I believe.

ok i will do that