How can I make a smooth movement system for aircrafts?[Logic Bricks]

I’m making a space ship game and I have a little problem. The movement is pretty stiff. Forward and backward motion is pretty nice, however when I collide with something it goes full retard also I can’t make an effective system to detect the actual speed of the ship. The biggest problem is with the turnings. It feels so stiff and even the camera moves too sudden and too fast with 25 unit of slow parent…

How could I make a smoother control with better camera?

i know this problem of slow parent , is not usable with obj too fast
try with the camera actuator , this have the limit distance

if you want a value more big than 20.0 write the value with the keyboard directly
for some reason the limit default is 20.0 that is too little(!!)

more or less a setup for a air craft can be :

height : [10.0], axis[+y]
min[50.0] max[100.0]

PS: i not sure if is a solution, maybe have somehow the same problem of slow parent

are you using +force and +torque to drive / steer?

This is a quick logic only setup to play with- may give you some ideas:

EDIT> Forgot the controls. They are cursor keys to steer, speed is automatic in the demo.


x-wing3.blend (313 KB)

I’ll try that out

Rotation for the turnings. Linear velocity for forward/backward motion.

Ty :slight_smile:

I changed the values because it was way too far from the object, now it’s proper but still the camera is like jumping(?)
Also it’s following the object but not only from behind.

The camera will try to get behind the object it is following but if it turns too fast it can end up in front. I’m working on a tutorial for using python for smooth aircraft movement at the moment, mine is based on a helicopter but could be adapted to other craft.