How can I make a stable mesh from a cloth deform?


I’m working on a figure wearing a loose tunic. I’ve modeled the tunic as a cloth object and it settles into place beautifully when I play the animation. But now I want to take the position of the cloth at the end of the animation and get a stable mesh with that shape. (The goal here is to let the cloth deform do the modeling for me, then turn the tunic into a softbody object that can animate more easily or be used in the game engine). So far I can render the frame with the deform I want, but I don’t know how to make that deformation permanent.

Thanks ahead of time.

go to edit buttons, and you will see, in the modifier stack, there will be a modifier of type ‘softbody’. just click ‘apply’.

Thanks! It was the “cloth” modifier, actually, but that did it. I appreciate the help.