How can I make a surface reflect particles?

Read the subject.
Example: Fireworks over water. I want the fireworks reflected, but i cant figure it out. :x :< :-? :frowning:

Best I’ve come up with is to render just the fireworks (no foreground) and use the resulting image as a texture map on a BIG plane or sphere behind the foreground scene. If you’re animating it, then use an animated fireworks texture.

I suppose i could modelsomesort of firework and use dupliverts to put it on the particals, that would probably reflect just fine.

use environment maps instead of raytraced reflection

there are several tuts on planar reflection using environment maps…

It’s not the particles that’s the problem it’s halos - Blender can’t raytrace halos in reflections, since they are added at a later stage of the render pipeline. You can get around this by creating a simple object with a material/texture that you want each particle to look like, parenting the object to the particle emitter, and enabling dupliverts on the emitter. This will instantiate your object on every particle.

would it work to make a halo by having a “gradient” affect the transparency? I mean would that reflect?