How can I make a symmetrical curve?

I’ve been following the chapter in the user guide to make a shape using bezier curves. I want my shape to be symmetrical, so I made the first half and then duplicated and mirrored it. I deleted a couple of vertices where the curves should join, and joined the relevant vertices to make the two pieces into a single curve. But now it has filled rather strangely. The original curve is filled OK, but the duplicated part has filled sort of “inside out”. Can I correct this? Or should I be using a different technique to make symmetrical curves?

In edit mode, W-Switch Direction, maybe before the join though.


That doesn’t seem to make any difference. I redid the duplication and switched direction before joining, but the effect is the same. Is there any way to make the direction visible? That might make clearer what the problem is.

OK, I’ve worked out what the problem is. It’s not to do with direction at all: it’s that I have two curves in one object and they’re interfering with each other. When I move them apart just a fraction, they both fill correctly.

Thanks for your help, Fligh %; until I got your suggestion I was just stuck.