How can I make a threaded bolt

Can someone suggest a good method (or a tutorial, I couldn’t find one) for making a threaded bolt. Thanks

You could use the Screw function. I don’t know a particular tutorial on that, but you should find one pretty easily if you go through the tutorial list.


Hi kirpre,

I usually use a cylinder. Add a Cylinder of 14-20 verts. Go to side view, in Edit mode, select the top row of verts and move them so they are close to the bottom verts, but not touching.

In Top view, rotate the verts by about 10-20 degrees, then extrude and move new verts upwards, rotate again in same direction as before. Extrude and repeat.

Once you have a few turns built up, select all verts, use Shift D to duplicate, then move the duplicated verts to the top of the original, repeat duplication untill you have a long enough thread.

As theeth said, the Spin function will probably do this better and more efficiently, but I always found this method a bit easier.

Hope this helps,


there is a real nice tut in the blender 1.8 manual

that not being avalible online, here is a similar section from the blender 2.0 guide

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I have read that but you made me read it again and now I finally got it why it needs open ended poly :slight_smile: Read it twice to make it nice :smiley:

I’m embarrased to ask this, but I’ve never used spin or screw, where can I find these functions, I’ve looked all over the place. :expressionless:

they are in the edit buttons
(editing in 2.30, I believe the key is f9)

I think I need more embarrased faces ( :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: ), I wasn’t in edit mode when I looked around. Thanks.