How can I make a time-slowing effect in the BGE?

In Jak and Daxter the Lost Frontier, there is a power known as Eco Reflexes that slows down time significantly, and lowers the pitch of sounds a bit. It colours the screen cobalt blue.

Now, how can I reproduce this same effect in the BGE? In my case, it would involve the scene lighting dimming a bit due to the fact that photons are travelling slower, and the scene lighting would go red rather than blue. The animations of objects would slow down, except for the player. How can I script this to happen in the BGE? Time slowing and speeding up effects are very cool for games.

Then simply make a script to lower lighting, increase players speed and animation speed.(so you actually speeding the player up while in slowmotion).

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There is a built in system in upbge to warp time