How can I make an animation with 2 meshes?

  1. Whenever I switch to the other mesh to change that in my animation it changes the action editor to a new one and it is there when I go back to the other. I don’t want to join the meshes I need them separate. Is there a simple way to do that, please explain easily I am kinda new to blender.

  2. Is there a way to give one object 2 different picture textures? Same thing easy explanation please.

#1: Not sure I understand you correctly, but I think you want to be using the Dope Sheet, not the Action Editor. The Dope Sheet will show you ALL the objects’ keyframes from your file, whereas the Action Editor is much more selective.

#2: Lots of ways to do this. Here’s one way: Go into edit mode on your object, add a new MATERIAL (while in edit mode) then select the faces where you what the first material, then click the “ASSIGN” button in the material editor. Still in edit mode, add another material, select different faces, click ASSIGN again. Give different textures to each material.

Myself, I like to use material and texture NODES to do this, along with UV mapping, but it’s probably not at the “easy explanation” level.

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1: I’m not sure exactly what you are doing with the two meshes and actions… More explanation would be helpful.

2: It depends on what your settings are… textureface, multitexture or glsl are possible with different results and performances depending on the user’s hardware. UV mapping is a good way to apply textures in multitexture and glsl modes. Objects can have several UV layers with different textures applied to each layer. These different textures can be mixed together or can be of different types. eg. A diffuse map for the whole character and then overlay tattoos on specific body parts by having a separate “tattoo” uv layer that only affects a part of the model. You would have a large “diffuse” texture to apply to the whole model and the several smaller “tattoo” textures that the player can choose from.

Also, when using glsl you can have a uv layer for a part of your model that applies normal maps to just that part of your model such as forehead wrinkles, or maybe a specular map that only affects your character’s armour, etc. UV maps can be used to affect diffuse, specular, normal, reflection and many others.

Edit: Oh crap… Spot the Blender game engine user… I’ve assumed you are creating a game engine character. For general techniques you want to completely ignore the glsl stuff that I said, but the multiple UV maps would be well worth looking into anyway. If you have specific game engine questions then there are many people willing to help on the “Game engine support and discussion” forum. :wink:

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