How Can I Make An Object Stay In Front Of Other Objects?

I want to add a desk that stays in front of my characters Does anyone have a good tutorial for this please?



your question is a bit vague - are you asking for a modeling tutorial ? Seeing how you have textured & rigged characters I assume you know how to model a desk, and place it in front of your characters ? Am I misunderstanding ?



I have a desk. Its an image. I want to place it in front of the characters. I want to make it look like this:

  1.  Edit > Preferences
  2.  Click the Add-Ons tab
  3.  Search “Image”
  4.  Activate the “Import-Export: Import Images as Planes”
  5.  Close User Preferences window
  6.  File > Import > Images as Planes
  7.   Find and select an image to import
  8.  Click Import Images as Planes in the bottom right of the window

Put the plane in front of the characters.

Sweet! Thanks!