How can I make an RPG-style dialog box?

I already asked about it last year, I received an answer, I still have the test file and the python file, but there are some problems:
if I speak to an NPC, he will speak normally, but if I speak again, he will say nothing.
I think for a big project, with a lot of dialogue, it would be a little boring to write, I think I would need a property.
It would also be good to press the interaction key, and if he is still writing, instead of skipping to the next sentence, he would finish writing the current sentence.

Since your issue is a bug within your blend file, I would suggest making a minimum viable blend file to demonstrate the problem and upload it so we can take a look.

it doesn’t really look like a bug one.

show the .blend with the error.

If You are working with UpBGE 2.4, You can check this:

it’s here:
Dialog Box.blend (530.4 KB)

The fault is actually not a fault.

the line number increses, so E then text, E then next text line, that one is empty in the script, so you don’t see anything.

add a property line_number (int) on the text, now when you want to repeat a line, you need to set that property to the right line, keep in mind that property 0 = line_1, 1 = line_2, etc

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: