How can I make cemeant-like things?

In the image above you can see the door frame (not the door), and on the ground, it looks like worn-down stone or cement . How would make this

thanks :smiley:

Can’t see any image.

Weird, it disappeared.

hope this is not for BGE !

but for high res model

you c ould find some good pic of cement like you need


you could download the Stone Frescco node system if your on Linux
not available yet for windows?
and make a perfect fresco like that

otherwise you can use the pic to make normal and then apply this to your model
may be try to blurred a black and white pic of the same pic and add a displacement map to it to get more 3D effect

also there is a script to make displacement map but heavy on vertex count

don’t know what de you think ?

have you seen the noob to pro tut for normal and bump map gives a good intro to mapping

hope it helps

I don’t have lunix, no :frowning: and yes, it’s for a high res model :slight_smile:

I guess I can try some things, just that I don’t know if I can find the right pictures. Anyone have any recourses? I’ll check cftextures right now

Bump map
Heigth Map used as bump map

check theses out

might be able to do a good normal for this model of yours


Ok thanks. I want to make this as detailed as possible to enter into the BWC if I have time haha is an excellent resource for things like this. Things like anything, really. It rocks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck, btw.