How can I make Evee show main and detail normal map using each own UV?

So far I can mix normal maps but they are both using whatever UV channel is marked with camera mark in object data properties UV maps list.

How can I make Evee to use other UV channel for detail map ? Is it possible at all . I connect UV map input node to texture files vector input . Is it not enough?

Use a UV Map node as the Normal input for your Normal Map, it’ll have a dropdown where you can choose

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I do use it, But Blender ignores it and uses only UV marked with camera mark for both normal maps.

I use mix node with overlay mode to mix unique and detailed normal maps . Maybe it’s a wrong way and Blender couldn’t read from different UV within that color mix node ?

ps. it works fine when I use scale multiplier for detailed texture so it works from the same single UV channel initially. But I’d like to use separate UV channel . Is it possible at all in Blender?

It is possible with the UV node.
Could you show your nodes?

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No? I just tried it, and it doesn’t… are you sure your UV maps are different?

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I found it works only if both unwrap are using kind of same tangent space. Ie in both uv channels all UV islands should be oriented same way. So if I have detailed normal map as a single island and the first normal map split into islands rotated randomly I would see detailed map wrong .

My guess since the tangent space is a geometry property there is no workaround , right? Both UV should have same islands with same orientation and that makes having second UV useless .

My guess it’s why people use scale math from same UV rather than separate UV ?
test3.7z (215.2 KB)

The problem doesn’t seem to have anything to do with UVs - I think, you’re not supposed to rotate the normal map like that ever. It stops making sense.

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No, for unique unwrap is quite common to rotate UV islands for tighter packing while for tile-able textures it has really no sense. So my guess the issue is not solvable

It’s common to rotate UV islands, yes, but not the values of the normal map.

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Well , it least it works fine if I turn off rotating islands during packing . Not as tight pack but works