How can I make hairy more wirey?

I have gotten the particle hair thing pretty much control, but I have one, er two questions.

  1. How can I make this hairy wirey, you know, not straight—a little curly?

  2. How can I animated the hair so that it looks like it is waving in the breeze?

TIA. :smiley:

  1. Use a Texture for Velocity and set it to ‘Grad’ with ‘Nabla’ tweaked to get frizz.

  2. Use Curve Guides from Fields, weight them in Edit mode W-menu and set them to Soft Bodies.

Both have been discussed a lot in the past 3 months so there are lots of long threads about it.


Use a Texture for Velocity

I don’t really understand this. Should I set up a special texture in the material? If so, does it need to be in texture block 8? And what do I map it to in the material? And by velocity do you mean the starting speed?


In the “Particle Motion” tab all the purple buttons are Velocity. You can choose to use Texture as the only one or as one of the Velocity params.

In 2.40 you can use any texture slot. You don’t have to map it to anything and if you’re only using it for velocity then you can turn off all mapping including Col.


well…ill save you some time on searching (ive been strugling the past few months with this alot)
the curly thing, you can do like fligh said. the curves can also be used for this. to do this with the curves add a bezier curve or path, then go to force fields and set it to curve guide. you can then shape the curve to make the hair deform like the curve.

to animate is a bit more complicated…but still easy
make the curve a softbody like fligh said and set a weight on one of the vertices (with ‘w’ key in edit mode), if you set the gravity of the softbody to around about 3.5, and the same with friction and set the speed to about 7, you can get a realistic hair movement (it will fall to the ground as it follows the curve guide)
to do the wind: create an empty and then apply force field to it (wind). you can then bring it closer to the curve so it affects it (but keep away from particles, they act weirdly)
to create a more windy effect go to the ipo of the empty and go to ‘fstrength’ add a curve (i think its ‘shift + click’) and make a wavy pattern (anything will do, as long as the strewngth of the wind changes the whole time) and make the curve repeat itself

That helps a ton. Thanks. Here are a couple of renders.

Now, to make things a little more difficult, is there any way to make the hairs curlier?

im not sure, but i know there is a way to mae the hair frizzy like??

Here you go

That helped. It was pretty much what Fligh % was saying, but I just wasn’t getting that until I read that post and played around with some more settings. What was really confusing me was that when I turned up Nabla the stards got really long. Once I realized that I had the life set at 35, I was able to come to grips with the tex, force, nabla triange.

Rendering now, will post some more later. Thanks again all.

Alright, I played with the hair settings a little bit, and I think I have got it.
And the blend file:

And not quite so wirey.
And the blend file:

Pubes, anyone? C&C? :stuck_out_tongue: