How can i make holes in to seperate objects

Hey everyone
I’m making a bar scene at the moment and I’m not sure how to do the pockets for the pool table.
The holes are part of the green felt and the wooden part that goes around the edge.
How can i cut a smooth circular pocket into both of the objects.
much thanks skulna


This might not be too easy? Depends on your current mesh.
Please post a .blend and we can try to help further.

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If I were you, I’d approach it from the other direction - make the holes first and build a pool table around them. In the attachment, I just deleted some sides of the circles, extruded them upwards and created faces between everything.


Can you explain in more detail please Zwebbie
I’m fairly new too mesh editing in this way

I tried to explain it in the attachment, as best I could.

I’m not saying this is the best way to do it, mind you. This is how I’d do it, but I like to solve problems just by creating faces, probably too much so. The only alternative I can think of here is a Boolean, but that probably takes just as much time and creates a far bigger mess.


Yeah, a boolean operation wouldn’t be a good idea here, since things are relatively low poly. Zwebbie, that’s exactly how I’d do it… I like making faces too:evilgrin:! I only see it taking a couple of minutes really, and from there you can bevel edges and apply a subsurf modifier to add some detail if it’s needed.

What I think you could do is extrude and scale a face inward, then press Shift-S>Cursor to Selection and then in the meshtools click “ToSphere”. Then extrude downward. I’ll put in pictures after BA stops being so slow!