How can i make it look like this picture?

wHAT ELSE did i miss to make it look like the picture? i Don’t get it.

Any good advice pls? The material and texture is so hard for me.:frowning:

Thanks a lot~


sword.blend (1.69 MB)

Add textures to control various aspects of the materials. Youtube?

You are missing detail in the blade and hilt. Add some using geometry or bump/displacement maps.

Your materials are too clean/perfect too - try dirtying it down a bit.

Plenty of tutorials for achieving these things via google, youtube etc.

Well, you could mask out some by using materials and textures, not all unfortunately. Especially when it’s close.
Since textures were not here it’s color is lighter (while procedurally heavier).

I’d say try to model it bigger and have more detail accurately done while looking at the reference. Later you could bake stuff and apply that to lighter on polygons mesh. Depends on what you want ofc.

As it is now on your render - there is no bumpmap/normalmap/specular map on which is why you see monotone reflection. UV mapping is not done/incorrect for the details - your images wont be applied correctly.

Thanks a lot for the advice :slight_smile: i will try to improve ~ thanks a lot:)