How can I make it more realistic?

(Ecks) #1

Check out my car and please tell me how can I make it more realistic…
Thnak you!

(pofo) #2

Some work on the textures
Refine the shape of the headlights.
Perhaps put some kind of spoiler (or whatever it’s called) in front to remove the duck beak look.
Some chrome on that exhaust pipe perhaps.
Perhaps an air intake.

Look at pictures of cars and pick details you like :). Lots of details can often lift the quality of a model.

It’s a good start
Q&A perhaps isn’t the best forum to post it in.

  1. pofo

(haunt_house) #3

first of all

do not start with the outside.

Your car looks, as if there is nothing in it.

So start with a cockpit and a motor. then the main beams of the chassis and the suspension. search the net for some real construction plans.

Then you have a clue, how to shape the outside. If you have a cockpit, you can place a camera, where the head is, then you can judge, how to model the windows. try to model 2d first, outside blender.

Otherwise you won´t get very realistic. the best texture is nothinng on an unrealistic shape.

hope this helps


(CurtisS) #4

To get the most significant changes, you will definately need to work on the lighting. Shadows and highlights are really needed here. Investigate Global Illumination as a way to get realistic lighting. This works especially well with cars. The environment also does not work (for me at least). Take a look at the entries in this years F1 Challenge for some ideas.