How can I Make multiple objects follow bones at different times?

OK say I had hands like in this video, witch I do. I am trying to make a reload animation but the clip will follow and stuff etc… But I can I do something like this. I tried something like this in the video but I have the object parent too the hand bone and thats were I dont like but I have too animate that too make the object follow the bones( the hand). For my reload animation. But can Anybody show me how too make a rig like this from 3ds max ----

So in this video He makes different guns follow his hand rig. Thats were I want too make possible in blender if it is… Does anybody know.

There is a tut for a nice hand rig on CGcookie

No, I can rig a hand. I just want multiple objects too attactch too the hand rig at differnt times like in the video just too follow the hand.

Use a child of constraint on the object. It’s a bit funny to work with, at least for me and I’ve only used it in 2.49 so far, so I can’t comment of 2.5. I used it in this video on the can, but had to add the constraint twice, once for the 1st time the can is held, once for the 2nd time. Key the influence on and off as the object is in or out of the hand. I’ve attached a 2.49 file that shows the use of it.


Edit: Oh yea, gotta keep the IPO/f-curve set at the original position of the object until the object is release, then use I-key -> visual loc/rot when the hand releases the object.


ChildOf.blend (367 KB)

I dont know how to use rig. You know any other way I can Make an object follow a bone then on another key frame follow another bone.