How can I make my airplane "rotation" look smoother?

To make my airplane animation look realistic, I animate it so it rotates from one way to another as it flies. However, it almost jerks from one way to another, unlike this:
I just insert a keyframe when the plane is tilting right, then insert another keyframe at 40 with the plane tilting left. Is there any way I can make this animation smoother? Is there a setting that’s turned on or off?
Reference for what I’m trying to do:

Hard to know without seeing what yours looks like, but are the keyframes too close together?

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the plane is rotated slightly to the left at keyframe 1, when rotated slightly to the right at keyframe 40, and so on.
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Go into the Graph Editor and make sure your keyframes’ interpolation is set to Bezier instead of Linear or Constant. Also, you may need to Apply your rotation/scale on your model. These can do weird things to animation.

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Thanks! This was really useful!