How can I make my cloth sim show tight folds?

I’m trying to achieve visuals like the following:

Unfortunately, this is the best I’ve got so far…

I’m using the ‘pinning with hooks’ method seen halfway down this page - I’d let the cloth drape itself naturally over the figure (which looks pretty close to my target!), but I want to have the objects below the membrane to rotate and move. Hence the pinning.

If there’s anybody out there with experience on tight cloth folds, I’d really appreciate some notes.

add a force field to the monkey, set the shape to surface and set the strength to a low negative value like -120.0, increase the collision friction and damping, do the same to the ground plane.

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Hello @Jeacom - thanks for the fast response! That looks exactly like what I’m hoping to achieve, but ideally there would be no ground plane as I’m hoping to move and rotate objects behind the membrane.

I’ve added a forcefield object to the Monkeyhead and played around with the Strength and collision friction and dampning, but I still can’t seem to achieve that effect. Would it be possible for you (or someone else) to look at my file and tell me what I’m doing wrong?

File can be found here.

Thank you in advance!

Really sorry to bump this, folks, but I’ve been tweaking this project forever and I can’t seem to get the effect that Jeacom has achieved above. Can anybody give me a further clue?