How can i make part of an object have a gold color and texture,

oh man i was wondering about that. thanks for your help!

Hi Isaiah,

I just use the bump node instead of displacement since i didn’t find any displacement map in a proper format and the result is very good.

Lookdev is just approximation and the scene need better light, i use a sun for this shot and you have to tick scene light, i also reduce the reflection bounce since the continent were reflecting in the water and it didn’t look right and from that distance the water still look good.

Here how to activate scene light ;

Here the result in Cycles and keep in mind i have only experience with Eevee so far so my knowledge of Cycles is limited for the moment.

Here the .blend and this time i have include the image texture in the .blend so the scene should be identical;

thanks for helping! it’s looking better, but i still like how the colors and lighting look in Look Dev move better. any clue how to make it more like that? also, i think it looks better with the render engine Eevee

Hi Isaiah,

Look at this one i just use Eevee and to be honest i don’t like the Cycle version at all.

You can still play with the light settings and position + try various hdri until you hit the sweet spot and don’t forget to play with the hdri rotation to change light direction.

At this point it will be up to you Isaiah just play with the settings until you like it and you should get what you want.

that looks amazing, but you’re viewing it with Look Dev mode. the lighting kinda sucks in render preview mode. i think it needs to have the same HDRI as look dev mode has. do you know how to do that? this tutorial says how but i really can’t find the HDRI file on my computer.

Hi Isaiah,

Sorry i have upload the wrong file since the final version i made included an hdri load in the world mode and this is the final result in Eevee rendering mode ;

If you still prefer the look dev more then simply render from the look dev here how to do it ;

Here the file ;

If you want to render without the hdri in the background here how ;

Now you should be good to go and i strongly suggest you follow the blender fundamentals since you will have a lot of problem if you do not get the basic first.

Best of luck with your career and project.

that looks great, thanks a lot! last two questions that hopefully are easy to answer: how can i scale up the image without messing anything up? when i scaled it up the texture of the land got too small. the object is so small currently that when i zoom in and out or move the view angle around it jumps too far in any direction. also, how can i make the object not reflect the image in the HDRI? like the south america is reflecting a dark mountain and i don’t want that.

There is no need to scale anything, just zoom as close as you need to the logo and render it.

When object move too quick or erratically just select them in outliner or in 3d view and simply hit ‘’ . ‘’ on the numpad and it will re center it in the view and orbiting will get more smooth.

If you remove the hdri from lighting you will lose all the nice reflections effect but what you can do is to get hdri shop and to blur the hdri a little so detail from hdri are less pronounce. You can also rotate or move hdri up and down to get rid of unwanted reflections.

thank you very much!
what do you mean by “select them in outliner or in 3d view”?
i hope this is my last question… how do i change the lightness and luminescence of the ocean?

Selecting the heart in the 3d view or in the outliner mean you simply have to select the object that you want to focus in view, if they are not selected you cannot center them in view with the ‘’.’’ key on numeric keypad it is also name del.

For the ocean lighting you can either play with the sun strength or play with the hdri intensity, you could also play with the glass bsdf color to make it darker.

i don’t want to change the lighting on the gold. how do i play with the glass bsdf color?

In blender 2.8 you cannot remove something from the light unfortunately.

Just reduce the color slider to darker value on the glass bsdf here a picture ;

idk why but i don’t see what you see in the shading window.

here’s s/s:
Google Photos

Change the world mode to object mode to see the corresponding nodes. It is located at your left in the top bar of the nodes view.

i can’t thank you enough for all your help! i’ll give you credit when i deliver the final logo.

what do you think of it? any changes you recommend?

Google Photos

btw, any idea why the bright line is on the bottom left? i moved the view around and apparently it’s a reflection that moves but i don’t know why it’s reflecting like that

I would just put the water a darker blue and orient the heart full frontal view but this is only my personal choice.

I don’t have that bright line in my scene so maybe you played with a setting somewhere.

This would be my personal choice ;

i like that. can you send me a render of that so i can let them decide which they prefer please?

Here you go, i just add a little halo around to simulate the atmosphere;

sweet, thank you!
by the way, somebody recommended adding a “normal map” before the displacement map. what do you think? if it’s easy to do, i’d appreciate your help, because my attempt at finding a tutorial failed so far :stuck_out_tongue:
source for normal map at the bottom: