how can i make rain and wind in blender 2.49a?

Hi i am trying to make some rain and wind in my blender. The first solution a have is to put emptys and when i push some key it appears planes, this planes have rain texture. And to make the wind y do the same, but the plane is inclined (I want to have wind even when i dont have rain and i cant do that). I want to make some rain and wind in the game engine, with particles, is this posible? some tutorial that you recommend me or something plz?

Im using blender 2.49a.

Rain is one of the trickiest things to do in a game. the best way in blender I know of doing it is to use planes as you were talking about.

As for wind, you don’t actually have a way of putting wind in games (usually). You just fake it. For instance you can have an animation on any trees, grass, flags to flutter in the same direction and then it looks like wind. You cant see wind, only it’s effects so rather than trying to make wind just show the effects it should have

The problem i have is when i configure the game, i want to moderate the rain. strong rain, moderate rain or something like that. and for wind i have to do the same, or simulate the rain moves with the wind. but i want to put direction like wind for the left or for the right or something like that. any suggestion?

Hmm well you could probably make it so that the rain is always moving down on local axis, and set the rotation of each plane according to the wind speed.

you could try this, but the only problem is the amount of

yeah, i try this when i start the game, the problem that it lags too much

Maybe try using a multi-sectioned plain mesh in an overlay scene. You could animate both the shape of the plain, and a changing rain pattern on it. Heavier rain, more plains. So the rains fall mainly in the plains. (Yuk, yuk.)

the problem with the above example is that it uses single polys for each raindrop. It is more cost effective to use a large(er) plane that has a texture of a few raindrops on them.

To get the scalable density and wind there are a couple of things you can do:


  1. increase the number of particles emitted
    Pro: Looks even
    Con: lag

  2. have “stepped” textures or objects that have a different density of rain in texture form
    Pro: no increase in lag
    Con, less believable effect

1)have wind property affect uv map angle of rain on planes (python) or the rotation of the plane. And have wind property cause rain particles to have movement on xy plane
2) use ipos to the the same as above
(dont know pros/cons for this)

For rain, you could create an animated transparent ‘rain’ skybox texture, and use this as an overlay scene.