How can I make sure text is always aligned with the camera's view?


How can I make sure a text object is always aligned with the camera view, i.e. so that no matter the position/rotation of the camera, the text is readable from left to right?

I made the camera track an empty and then made the text track the camera.
This works, but as soon as I check the “target Z” box in the constraint settings (so that I can rotate the camera around it’s local Z axis, by rotating the empty), the text isn’t aligned anymore.

I’m attaching my test .blend file made with blender 2.5.


TextCameraTracking.blend (389 KB)

You can always parent the text to the camera as well, so no matter where the camera goes and/or it’s orientation, they will be in sync.

I figured out how to do it: I simply had to use a “Copy rotation” constraint (button window->constraints->add constraint).
I tried it before posting, but thought it worked like ctrl+T,. i.e. select 2 objects and then apply it.
However, it’s actually necessary to specify the target manually in the constraint editor.

Here’s the working .blend file where you can freely move around the camera, rotate the empty to rotate it and the text always stays aligned. :slight_smile:


TextCameraTracking.blend (388 KB)