How can I make the clouds in this image less blocky?

I’ve been using True Earth to render out some really nice images of, well, Earth. This works fine for wider shots, but if I zoom in I start to notice that the clouds get really blocky, as seen on the right side of the attached image. The clouds are done with a volume shader + displacement, so I guess it’s a matter of increasing resolution, but I can’t figure out how (haven’t worked with volume shader before).


Don’t think I can upload the .blend file here since this is a bought product, but ask me and I’ll post screenshots of the interface if you guys want to see specific settings.

Later edit: forgot to mention I’m using cycles to render this.

Any idea how I can fix this blockyness? Thanks in advance!

To increase the resolution of the volume, reduce the Render Panel → Volumes → Step Rate.

The other issue could be the resolution of the texture you are using to drive the volume density/displacement.

Ok, figured it out in the end - the way True Earth is set up, you have to select the True_Clouds object, go to modifiers, Subsurf, uncheck adaptive subdivision and just mess with the subdivision levels (3-4 render subdivisions worked just fine for me).

Thank you for your suggestion! In the end it was a subdivision issue.