How can I make the hair on a running horse bounce more?

I keep coming back here only when Iā€™m faced with issues :stuck_out_tongue: gotta try and be more proactive and help others out in whichever I can, but for now, I am back with a problem

I have an animation of a horse galloping, I got the hair looking just the way I want, but when I cache dynamics the hairs dont collide and bounce properly instead they go through the mesh and stretch.
Some of the hairs do bounce but as soon as there is an extreme movement the hairs just pass through the mesh and stretch.

What would be the best approach to making them collide properly with the mesh? Something that would be speed efficient as well ( I tried significantly raising the quality (quality set to 50, and collision quality set to 32) the render took 32 hours and still had the issue)

In my experience Quality Steps is more important than Collision Quality. But if neither helps, what you can try is to use a more suitable collision mesh. Create a simplified version to use just for collision, as coarse and smooth as possible (while still matching the render mesh well enough for the offset in collision location not being a problem). The sim should run noticably faster and likely also less prone to glitches.

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thanks for the help!
I deleted the old particles system created a new one,
Set the original horse as a collision object and tinkered around with the settings and
managed to get something fairly decent within a fair enough timeframe :slight_smile:
now I just need to fix the hair shader to make it look like fur instead of smoke