How can I make the sculpt brush detail smaller?

I am a beginner at this and have been experimenting with creating my own custom skin pore brush in Krita. I’ve looked up dozens of tutorials on this and I’ve seen people use very low image sizes for a brush (like 70x70 pixels) and the detail when sculpting the skin pores came out fantastic.

But, no matter what size image for the brush I export it as, the pores come out huge. I would like the pores to be smaller when painted onto the mesh.

Not using texture brushes too often… but…

It depends on the Mapping: the brush size defines the size and not the size of the image… but for example not for Mapping: Stencil

… so the texture size actuall doesn’t matter…

… but i could eb wrong :wink:

Thank you for this. I needed to experiment more with the Mapping and Stroke Method settings!