How can I make the textures for this floor?

Hi blender masters!
I want to make a realistic floor.
But first I need textures for the
1- color
2- bump map
3- mirror,%20wood%20floor-thumb-627x428.jpg

The first one is easy to find ( coor map).
But how can I make the others ( mirror map and bump map ) ? Should I use gimp?
Or I can do it better in blender!
I dont want to model it because I want to aplly this material it to several different projects.

Thanks in advance

In texture nodes, there is a “brick” pattern. You could use this to generate the bump (normal) map.

You think it’d be possible to use that brick node set-up and insert a time modifier for a second brick pattern, and stack multiple brick patterns with “White-out” stencils of some of the boards each time, and create a “procedural” wood floor material? I think I’ll try, see you in a bit. If it works I bet I could make a tile floor too. That’d be pretty sweet. If I’m successful I’ll post them up to blender materials site. If I’m not back in two hours, it’s not working. If I’m not back in two days, it’s still not working, and I’m probably pissed.

Thanks. I am trying to make what Robo3Dguy told me.
But its not working.
I am a recent blender user…:frowning:
If you see any tutorial or any blend file that I can use to achieve that result I ll apreciate.
Thanks in advance!

Okay, there would be a less time consuming way to do what I’m trying. You might not understand it yet, but the end result would be a very fast way to make awesome floors of a non-repeating floor design, and capable of being changed with a not so deadly amount of effort.

It’s going good so far, a few set backs with this strange noise effect, trying to figure out how to make random, scalable white and black bricks for alpha maps, and setting those up as stencils between a single wood material based upon a empty for map input. Move the empty and you can make the floor not look like one board cut into a floor. A few down sides, it’s hard to get complete coverage, so you’ll have areas of floor that look like one board cut into pieces. I’ll just have to tweak my nodes until I get a more random flow, each alpha map less covering than the last, so the last map doesn’t undo all my works. This is gonna be awesome. I hope.

I’ve got to sleep and then work, but after tonight I’m off for two days. If you still need help after these resources, I guess I’ll see about making a tutorial for this specific purpose. But first, has a tutorial up for modeling and texturing a barrel. Honestly, I’ve never watched it, but I’m guessing it’ll help. Next, there are shader and mirrior tabs in the materals menu. And there are some options in the texture “Map To” tabs. Play with those. You can adjust those items; Cmir, Csp, Ref, and Spec with the “Var” and “DVar” sliders in the “Map to” Tab. (along with all the others) You might want to tweak the hard values in both the “Shaders” and “Map to” tabs.

Barrel tut.

You should make it roll.

And if you need a good photo, sign up for a free account at there’s pleaty of resources there, and once you learn how to use them well, dirty old concrete can become monster skin or wallpaper coloring.

Add a material. Add a texture under the “Texture” button. Select “Nodes” and then right click on the edge of your 3d view. Split the view. The button at the left corner of the menu bar will let you change your screen. Change to the Node Editor. At the menu bar there you’ll notice a few buttons at the bottom. Select the one that looks like a camo./leopard print. Right click to add an input>pattern>bricks. Work with those notes above to see how you can make an imprint of the board in your picture. man, If I could magic up a tutorial here in two hours, I would.