How can i make this animation more realistic

so i made this animations about a strong guy doing kong fuu
but i dont think that this animations looks real
so can anyone help me to make it looks more realistic

By learning the fundamentals of animation,
Anticipation,overlapping action,follow through
Good posing,
It’s the most important elements in animation
You can buy the animators survival kit it’s the perfect book for the animators from Richard whiliams !! And of course his 16 DVD course teaching the animation

check out preston blairs cartoon animation

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I can’t stress this enough: shoot reference!

By adding weight.

Basic principle: If one part of the body tenses, the rest of the body must accompany that tension.
The stronger the tension you’re trying to convey, the less subtle the accompanying motion, and generally, longer anticipation + faster motion after the anticipation.

To put it in context,
first clip, the hand closes, but the arms and wrist remain relaxed and fingers don’t tense or bend back before transforming into a fist.
second clip, the movement of the legs and arms as the fighter goes into stance are completely separated. The spine does not show much signs of rotation; shoulders do not seem to be preparing to throw a punch – every bone is kind of moving independently.

Also, adding some follow through after the fighter throws the punch would help sell the force and effort that is supposed to go into the attack. I liked the camera jump. Lastly, it’s probably more in the realm of animation to think in terms of generating an illusion rather than being realistic about it. But that’s just my opinion.

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thank you i am reading that book
sorry for my late reply :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the advice …realy man, you halped me so much
thank you

what shoot reference means
sorry i am from algeria

He means video references.

easy, prototype your animation with IK’s :

  • set start pose and end pose
  • IK your feet to the ground
  • make the hips rotate on Z axis -40°
  • make your hips rotate back on Z axis +60°

Tune your animation with FK, bake your animation . YOu are done